Ice Dyeing, Explained.

What is ice dyeing? 
Ice dyeing is a hands-on, environmentally safe dyeing process that creates unique, one-of-a-kind patterns every single time! Using the natural melting properties of ice, the melting ice and dye mix together to create a tie-dye effect.
Check out the steps below for a sneak peak into R&MW's ice dyeing process!

Step 1:

Clean that fabric! All our fabrics are pre-washed with a fixant to thoroughly clean the fabric and to open the fiber pores, readying the fabric for dye absorption.
Once the fabric has been washed it's placed on a dyeing rack and ready for the next step!

Step 2:

At R&MW we place all our fabrics at random to ensure a 100% unique pattern every time!

Once we're happy with the fabric placement, we pile on a good portion of ice (ice), baby!, and finish off the process by sprinkeling our beautiful chosen dye colours on the ice.

Now, we allow the ice to melt and beautifully blend the colours together. 24 hours later...

Step 3:

...we wash that beautiful piece of fabric and/or garment one more time, hang it to dry and ta-da! A stunning, unique and hand made item created with care & intenion.

  • It's true what they say; sometimes less (dye) is more! Each colour has different saturation levels, meaning depending on the colour you're dyeing with will determine how much dye should be used and how many colours may pop up!

  • Ice dyeing can split the dye into the multiple colours that are used to make that colour. For example, Black is a mix of all colours and if not used correctly, the dye will split separately into blue, red, yellow, and green and will not dye black.

  • Some colours may bleed out in the first wash.

    Don't panic!

    This is completely normal due to the hand-dyed nature of our products. This is also why we recommend washing our products in cold water and only as necessary.

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