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4 Reasons to Start Christmas Gift Shopping Early (with a list of local artists to consider)

I know it's not even Halloween yet, which in theory is too early to switch into the Christmas mood (Remembrance day is super important) but this year has been.. well, you know. 2020 has been a year of a lot of firsts, first time being in lockdown, first time having an anxiety attacks buying groceries, first time actually completing the watchlist on your Netflix account, all firsts we weren't really excited about happening. So why not make 2020 the first year you're actually prepared for the holiday season, and maybe the first year you shop exclusively at local stores and local artists. There are so many important and feel good reasons why starting your Christmas gift shopping now isn't too early. Here are my top 4 reasons to start today, and if you're already looking to start, scroll to the bottom to see some of my favourite local Ottawa shops and artists to shop from.
1. Get your gifts and orders in time for Dec 25th!
If you haven't heard, Canada Post is urging shoppers to get their holiday shopping done early this year due to the high demand on shipping companies with Covid this year. You can read more about it HERE. I would take this as a big warning, so many small businesses rely on Canada Post to get their products to their customers. In order to support your favourite local artist and not be disappointed that your order doesn't arrive on time (not to mention the stress small business owners go through when you don't get your order in time) order early, get those packages in the mail as soon as you can!
2. Get that warm and fuzzy feeling!
Every time you shop from a local artist or shop owner, they do a dance. Honestly, they do. Make their Christmas and purchase from them instead of the big box guys. Jeff Bezos really doesn't need another vacation home, but your local shop owner may need that order money to purchase their Turkey for their holiday meal. It's like two gifts in one, the gift you purchase and the gift you gave that local maker by purchasing from them his holiday season!

3. Get creative and think sustainable for your gift wrapping
With the extra time you will have by shopping early, why not spend that time coming up with creative and sustainable ways to wrap your gifts! You could use recycled materials like newspaper or an old pillowcase. Instead of purchasing wrapping paper, consider wrapping your gift with another gift like a scarf or a blanket! Two gifts and nothing is sent to the landfill! If this isn't your forte, consider asking those local makers and artist to gift wrap it for you (this is great if you are sending the purchase straight to the gift receiver).
4. Live in the Moment and Enjoy the season
This is the most important reason to start and finish your Christmas Shopping and running around early, be present and stress free this holiday. I know I definitely stress when I still have a million things on my list with only 2 days to do it all. Don't let that be you this year. Support local, shop small and be present with those that you love this holiday season.

Local Artists to Ottawa:
Gemma By Design - Gemstone jewelry inspired by adventures + good vibes Frank+Hound - Handmade Dog Bandanas and Bow Ties, with customization options available!
Chatchandbo - Laser cut Wood Jewellery
Lola and Bear handmade - Gorgeous knit hats, mitts and scarfs
Night Moves Atelier - Funky, gorgeous, 80's inspired earring and hair clips
Capsule Creator - Canadian made clothing for capsule wardrobes
Stephanie Davis Designs - Local fashion designer making functional fashionable pieces for working mom
Copious Fashions - Something for everyone; from well-made clothing, to comfy and cozy sweaters, to uniquely thrifted pieces that are embellished

Happy Shopping!