What is Ice Dyeing?

Ice Dyeing is a dyeing technique where ice is used to create a unique colour pattern effect on the fabric. Ice is used to prevent the dye from reaching some areas of the fabric (similar to tie-dye) while also causing fiber-reactive dyes to "split" into some of their component colours which can generate interesting bleed and halo effects. 

Can I wash my ice-dyed product?

Yes! All products are washed throughout the process to prevent shrinking and colour bleeding. It is suggested to wash with like colour in case of small colour bleed and to hang to dry for all Rain and Moonwater ice-dyed pieces. For longevity, hand-washing is suggested.

Where can I see your items in person?

Currently, Rain and Moonwater is available online. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and sign-up to our email list to get up-to-date notifications for in-person markets and events! 

How does the Kimono Fit?

All kimonos are made in one size and can fit from sizes 0 - 18. Depending on your personal style of how open you'd like the kimono to fit, we are confident the kimono will fit great! Custom sizing in width and length is available, please just reach out!


Curious about how the brand came to be?

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