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How You Can Live Your Most Colourful Life!

Let’s face it: life in lockdown was a little grey. We got used to the monotony of doing the same thing day-in, day-out, looking at the same four walls, and wearing the same sweatpants most days of the week because, well…who was going to notice? I don’t know about you, but two years of that drab existence has me chomping at the bits for variety, fun, and colour more and more.


The benefits of colour are plentiful. Colours:  

  1. Look amazing
  2. Remind me of fun times, vacations, and summer escapes
  3. Can inform your moods! Blue and green are great for evoking calm and focus, while red evokes boldness, confidence, and can even make you more attractive to others (forget animal magnetism; we’re all about red magnetism now). Pink, on the other hand, has been found to calm those experiencing violent episodes (no wonder a younger me had less temper tantrums when I got to play with my Barbies!). Yellow evokes happiness, sunshine, and levity.


Colours can inspire us, help us convey a mood or emotion, or even inform the moods of those around us. Want everyone to be happier? Try yellow. Want people at work to just freaking chill out for once? Maybe a cool aqua blue will do the trick. Here are some ways to add colour to your life:


On Your Plate:

Whether it’s a summer salad, a poke bowl, a fruit tray, or a plate of Tacos, colourful foods are appealing to both our eyes and our stomach – the more colour on your plate: the more nutrients you are consuming! What better way to boost your mood than to fuel your body with plenty of valuable nutrients?

summer colourful salad

Bonus: Once you’ve got the nutrient part down, you can add on a fun, colourful cocktail.


In Your Line of Vision:

Ever heard of ‘forest bathing’ (shinrin-yoku)? It’s a Japanese practice of immersing oneself in natural green and blue spaces in order to de-stress by reconnecting with nature. Blue and green colours are calming to the human eye, plus the fresh air and exercise provide a rush of feel-good endorphins. As anyone who found solace in their walks during the Covid-19 lockdowns can attest to, one of the best ways to add colour to your life is to get outside – and not just to a local patio: into nature! Take a walk through a nearby park, or visit the closest body of water and swim, rent kayaks, or lay on the beach. You’re guaranteed to have a fun afternoon, make memories, and be tired enough to get a good sleep that night.

walk in nature

Bonus: Get a whole group together for a fun outdoor activity, like beach volleyball, frisbee golf, a BBQ cookout, or a massive paddle board that fits up to eight! If you fall in the water – that’s on you.


In Your Wardrobe:

Ditch the boring blacks with eye-catching, bright pieces that boost your energy. If you like to be bold, then hot pink, electric blue, and emerald green are great picks for this season. If you’re more understated, lovely lilac is also on trend. For those who love rocking a statement look, wearing a matching two-piece set or a big, ice-dyed kimono (from the Rain and Moonwater summer collection) will garner you some compliments. For a little pop of colour, an ice-dyed bucket hat or ice-dyed earrings are an easy way to add a little pick-me-up to your summer outfits.

Meg & RainandMoonwater summer collection

Bonus: Match or mix-and-match your kimono, bucket hat, shoes, and purse for a look that turns heads, gives you hot girl energy, and makes for some dope AF Instagram shots.

Pick What Brings You Passion:

No matter the method, adding colour into your daily routine this summer is the best way to help yourself feel inspired, healthy, happy, and beautiful! 

Rain and Moonwater is a lifestyle brand that inspires to promote living a colourful life. Whether you are able to purchase a hand-dyed product that matches your vibration or you are able to follow along the journey of positivity, I am happy you are part of the tribe!


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